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Optimize power delivery

Efficient and power-dense power delivery bolsters the battery lifecycle

battery cells in production

Conserving energy and increasing throughput in all stages of the battery lifecycle

Maximizing throughput

To minimize capital equipment costs, a large increase in operational capability must be accomplished without expanding existing equipment footprints or facilities.

Recycling energy drives lower costs

To be competitive in the market, it’s necessary to recycle as much of the power used in the battery formation, testing and recycling processes to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

battery lifecycle



写真の3つの小型モジュールは、業界屈指の高電力密度であり、競合のソリューションをはるかに超える最大6kWの電力を扱うことができます。Our high performance power modules provide the flexibility and scalability to design and manufacture systems that form, test and recycle a greater number of devices in parallel without having to expand operational footprint.

Vicor BCM6135, NBM 2317 and DCM4623




電力供給ネットワーク (PDN)

ディスクリート部品を使う複雑なソリューションや、フレキシブルではない「シルバーボックス」の電源システムと異なり、電源モジュールを用いた電力供給ネットワーク (PDN) は、速く簡単に設計・組込むことができます。負荷が増えたり、必要な電力が変わったりする場合に、モジュールの交換や追加で容易に対応できます。