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Isolated Regulated

Products range from the traditional full, half and quarter-brick fully encapsulated DC-DC converter modules to the next generation high-density surface-mount products at less than the size of an equivalent 1/32 brick. The brick family offers thousands of combinations of input voltage, output voltage and power levels. Input voltages range from 10 – 400VDC; output voltages from 1 – 95VDC; output power to 600W. Products can be paralleled for high power solutions. All MI and MIL-COTS converters are suitable for the most harsh environments, with choices of temperature grades providing operation down to -55°C (storage down to -65°C). Products are available to meet key military standards, including ground vehicle and airborne requirements of MIL-STD-1275 and MIL-STD-704; and requirements of MIL-STD-1399 for shipboard systems.

Rugged high power converters for 28V and 270V line inputs view products

270V (160 – 420)
30V (9 – 50)
28V (16 – 50)


3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, 48V


4623 ChiP: Up to 500W
3623 ChiP: Up to 320W
3714 VIA: Up to 500W
3414 VIA: Up to 320W
5614 VIA: Up to 1300W


Up to 96%

Rugged factorized power solutions View Products

PRM28: 14 – 50V
PRM48: 38 – 55V
VTM: 26 – 50V


PRM28: 26 – 50V
PRM48: 20 – 55V
VTM: 1.08 – 50V

Power / Current:

PRM: Up to 500W
VTM: Up to 80A


PRM: Up to 97%
VTM: Up to 96.5%

MIL-COTS Maxi, Mini, Micro DC-DC Converters
The DC-DC converter that established the "brick" standard VIEW PRODUCTS

24V (18 – 36V)
28V (9 – 36V)
48V (36 – 75V)
72V (43 – 110V)
110V (66 – 154V)
150V (100 – 200V)
300V (180 – 375V)
375V (250 – 425V)


2 – 54VDC


Up to 600W

MI-200™ / MI-J00™ DC-DC Converters
Rugged DC-DC converters supporting traditional design VIEW PRODUCTS



2 – 48VDC


MI-200: Up to 100W
MI-J00: Up to 50W


Up to 90%

Isolated Fixed Ratio

The MIL-COTS Bus Converter Module (BCM) is a high efficiency (>96%), Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) operating from MIL-STD-704E/F 270 Vdc and delivering an isolated 25.0 – 50.0VDC , 30.0 – 41.3VDC or 38.3 – 55.0VDC. The BCM is suitable for use with the MIL-COTS PRM–Regulator and VTM–Current Multiplier, and is ideal for aircraft distributed power applications.

MIL-COTS High-Voltage BCM® Bus Converter
High-voltage bidirectional bus converters view products

200 – 400VDC
400 – 700VDC
500 – 800VDC

Current Rating:

Up to 35A


Up to 98%


6123 ChiP package
2.494 x 0.898 x 0.284in
63.3 x 22.8 x 7.2mm

4414 VIA package
4.35 x 1.40 x 0.37in
110.55 x 35.54 x 9.40mm

Input Filters

For your input filtering needs, Vicor provides several families of MIL-COTs input filters. These filters come in a wide range of package options from half-brick to surface mount LGA Systems in Package (SIP). Key military standards met include: conducted emission / conducted susceptibility per MIL-STD-461C/D/E; input transient, surge and spike protection to the most severe levels of MIL-STD-704A-F, MIL-STD-1275A/B/D and DO-160E.

MIL-COTS MFM™Input filter module for DCMs
QPIEMI filter modules
MIL-COTS M-FIAM™Rugged input filter module for Mini, Maxi, Micro
MIL-COTS MI-IAM™Rugged input filter module for MI-200/MI-J00

Output Filters

For your output filtering needs, Vicor provides several families of MIL COTS output filters. These filters come in a wide range of package options from half-brick to surface mount LGA Systems in Package (SIP Features include active and passive filtering to achieve greater than 40 dB of noise attenuation from 60 Hz to 1 MHz; reduction of both line frequency related ripple and switching noise to less than 10 mV p-p, DC to 20 MHz.

MIL-COTS MI-RAM™Rugged output ripple attenuator for VI-200/VI-J00 

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