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A better way to deliver power

Greater UAV flight time, range, and payload

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A better way to power today’s advanced UAV platforms


Size and weight make the difference

Size and weight make the difference

UAVs and drones are changing the way we see the world, deliver life saving supplies, and keep us safe. Commercial and defense UAVs are taking on new applications that require more functionality to meet these needs. The best UAVs are distinguished by a combination of range, flight time, payload capacity, and the ability to maintain fast communications. These defining characteristics need increasing levels of power that add weight and take up valuable payload space. Whether it's a tethered drone, a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) drone, or a high-altitude long-endurance (HALE) drone, UAV developers are looking for ways to achieve highly efficient, lightweight and compact power solutions.

Longer range and flight time with more payload and functionality

Longer range and flight time with more payload and functionality

A better way to deliver power: Power delivery networks based on Vicor high-performance power modules enable innovative designs for UAVs. More flexible than a brick and easier to implement than a discrete solution, each power module is optimized for high-efficiency, density and overall performance. Vicor modules are also lightweight compared to competitive solutions, enabling UAVs to take on larger and heavier payloads. Power modules can also be paralleled, allowing for designs to easily scale in power as UAV power demands increase and also allow for the same power architecture to be deployed within a platform of various sized UAV systems.

Benefits of a better way to deliver power

Benefits of a better way to deliver power

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High density

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Modular and scalable

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Efficiency up to 98%

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UAV applications 

UAV delivery

Lightweight and efficient power modules extend delivery missions and save space to deliver greater payloads.

High-density, high-power modules enable lighter, safer, lower cost tether cables to extend missions.

High-efficiency, high-density modules free up space for advanced communications and extend range.

Efficient, lightweight, power-dense solutions enable greater functionality for reliability and productivity.

Flexible, scalable power delivery networks can adapt to the right audio and video equipment needed to capture the scene.

Modular power delivery networks extend flight times and support high performance surveillance equipment to ensure safety and security.

Lightweight power delivery networks enable maneuverable UAVs to inspect remote, wide operations.

High-efficiency, high-density DCM DC-DC converters double the internal bus power and keep the aircraft as light as possible.


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